Mailgun Integration with WordPress and CloudFlare Copy

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Wordpress

First Step:

Create subdomain like “” through Cpanel

Second Step:

Create Email Account i.e “” through Cpanel and note its password.

Third Step:

Login to Mailgun Add New Domain (i.e subdomain).

Add SubDomain that created through Cpanel (i.e

Fourth Step:

Login to CloudFlare and Search Specific site in Search box.

Next Click on DNS

Click on DNS taking screenshots of all setting and then Add TXT , CNAME and MX entries in CloudFlare DNS value taking from Mailgun where We add domain and click on Add Domain then generate TXT , CNAME , MX value.

Mailgun activation

Fifth Step:

Then Install Mailgun Plugin

Mailgun Plugin Configuration setting
API Key taking from mailgun

Next Clicking On API Security

Copy The API Key

1-Enter Mailgun Domain Name:
2-Enter API Key.
3-Enter From Address (Email i.e

NOTE : Test Contact Form wherever its implemented on site in Test mode, means change emails have a test screenshot and revert back Emails.

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